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[APP] MSL Utility - the EASIEST way to get your MSL/SPC (Kyocera, Sanyo, ZTE)

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  1. budgreen24

    budgreen24 Well-Known Member Contributor

    The MSL Utility is a very small app that's possibly the easiest way to get your phone's MSL (aka SPC) code. According to the app it works for Kyocera, Sanyo, and ZTE phones, (may work on others). Here is a link to my original post, where you'll find my download link as well.


    Hope this help some people out, and if it does please click "thanks".

  2. tantavevus

    tantavevus Member

    I wanted to say a sincere thank you to you for posting this. I have a Samsung GS3 Rooted. I tried all of the other methods. This one worked beautifully. You really have given back quite a bit to the community.


    Ira Seigal

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