App that can open password protected files?

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  1. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member

    ...that can open password protected .rar and/or zip files?
    (AndroZip can't)

  2. Trollatoppan

    Trollatoppan Well-Known Member

  3. SGS2PRO

    SGS2PRO New Member

    Search for ArchiDroid in the market and it will do your job... It extracts password-protected RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2 and 7zip files... amazingly it is free... Other apps didn't work for me but this one works like a charm :)
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  4. KroniX

    KroniX New Member

    Yes, there is an app that opens password protected .zip and .rar files it's called: "7Zipper" and it works like a charm. :p

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