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  1. verona222

    verona222 Member

    Hi, AndroidForums users!
    Here I announce a new tool box app Easybox.

    This is a tool box with 10 useful tools on android.
    Including:Compass,Ruler,Level Tool,Flashlight,Holidays,Battery Manager,Exchange Rate,Make Decisions,Unit Conversion,Task Manager.
    It helps you better use your handset.

    Compass: Use your phone to determine directions. With this app, you can easily find north or south in a completely strange environment.
    Ruler: Use this app to measure daily objects.
    Level Tool: Transform your phone into a spirit level to indicate whether the surface of an object is horizontal.
    Flashlight: Flashlight app with multiple functions that turns your phone into lighting equipment.
    Holidays: Quick search for public holidays.
    Battery Manager: With this app, you can check battery usage at any time. It

  2. wandlink

    wandlink New Member

    Useful,hope can do more tools in this pack

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