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  1. LukeHolden

    LukeHolden New Member

    Yesterday I got the Samsung Galaxy S on a contract through work which comes with 500b of data allowance for internet or something.

    My question is with working paying for it I don't want to take the piss and go over that amount, so everytime I use an app does it count towards my 500mb?

    Like on the contacts page you can view peoples recent activites threw facebook, so does that count towards it to?

    Tad paranoid atm!

  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member


    To put it in perspective though, 500MB (capital B for bytes is what I'm guessing your cap really is) Would be the equivalent of:

    opening 500 times a month (~17 times a day, and clearing your cache inbetween each opening)


    about 4 standard definition TV shows (41 mins of video each)

    500MB is pretty small, but not tiny either. Email, Google, and facebook wont eat too much of that. I think if you're careful, and do most of the heavy downloading over WiFi, you should be fine. But these bandwidth caps really suck, I feel for you.
  3. LukeHolden

    LukeHolden New Member

    Cheers that is what I thought, will have to make sure I turn off the automatic sync for facebook and that as that'll bite away at the MB with the activites on contact page and that.

    May look into seeing what unlimited internet would be then I don't have to worry!

    Cheers for the help gaffer!

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