Apps safe to REMOVE as ROOT

  1. goDroid

    goDroid Member

    Hey all here are several apps I have been able to remove as ROOT without receiving any "Force Close" errors. Does anyone else have any more not listed that are safe? I know there are a few apps that I can't for the life of me find what their odex or apk app names are and I find them to be useless.

    Two I am trying to find the app names of...

    Device Self Service 1.1
    HTC Mobile Guide
    Apps I have removed or can be removed.
    rm HtcFootprints.apk
    rm HtcFootprints.odex
    rm HtcFootprintsWidget.apk
    rm HtcFootprintswidget.odex
    rm amazonmp3.apk
    rm Stock.apk
    rm Stock.odex
    rm Sprint_NFL.apk
    rm Sprint_Nscar.apk
    rm Sprint_TV.apk
    rm Sprint_TVWidget.apk
    rm PDFViewer.apk
    rm PDFViewer.odex
    rm HtcSoundRecorder.apk
    rm HtcSoundRecorder.odex
    rm HtcTwitter.apk
    rm HtcTwitter.odex
    rm LearnMore.apk
    rm LearnMore.odex
    rm Sprint_Navigator.apk 
    rm HtcRingtoneTrimmer.apk
    rm HtcRingtoneTrimmer.odex
    rm VoiceDialer.apk 
    rm VoiceDialer.odex

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  2. johnequickiii

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    I just rooted, and would love to know how you remove these programs.
  3. awesomecomb

    awesomecomb Well-Known Member

    The easiest way is to download a root manager program from the market. You can do it for free from your computer but I don't know how to. Be careful because if you remove the wrong program your phone will not boot.
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  4. jwpilly

    jwpilly Well-Known Member

    Fresh rom 2.1.1 already has a lot of these apps removed.
  5. johnequickiii

    johnequickiii Member

    I need a rom for 2.1 that has everything working, or better yet, 2.1 with everything working and the extras, (apps2sd, live wallpapers, wifi tether...). Hoping something like that exists. Then I can uninstall the apks I don't want on the phone and have a nice, snappy Hero with most of the fixins, (most because as I hear, Dalvik JIT doesn't like Sense quite yet). ^^

    If something is missing from Fresh 2.1.1 can I reinstall it, like if Sprint Nav is missing from it?
  6. hood420

    hood420 Well-Known Member

    Yes, download the apps he removed here: Download: Removed APK’s from Fresh Rom 2.1 Geek For Me – Android CDMA Sprint Hero
    Searching XDA should find you any other apps that you'd like to add. (Gallery 3d, N1 News & Weather app, etc...)

    Check this out for apps that are safe to remove, some that you SHOULD NOT remove: APPS that are SAFE to remove - xda-developers

    It also tells you how to remove the apps through adb.
  7. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

    I would recommend Fresh 2.1.2. It has the usuals added as well as the usuals removed. In addition, there is also a link with the ROM to download the removed apks so that you can put them back on the phone if you want them.
  8. niphoet

    niphoet Member

    Thanks for the list!! BTW, Sprint_Navigator.apk should be Sprint_Navigation.apk
  9. moddave

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