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Archos 5 Gamma ControlGeneral

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  1. Australian

    Australian New Member

    I am not that keen on the plastic screen of the Archos 5, which definitely makes it seem you are viewing an image under a piece of shiny plastic.

    And the colours seem "washed out" in comparison to my Cowon O2, which has solid bright colours, which seem to be almost on the surface of the non reflective glass.

    The gamma control function is not well explained in the Archos usuer manual.

    Has anyone experimented with it, and found that advancing it a bit there is a colour improvement (or perhaps contrast improvement)? Or is it best left alone, untouched.

    It seems from reading other forums that the colour on Archos devices is never solid black, or as bright as on Cowon devices. From mt comparison of the two devices, this seems to be the case.

  2. Australian

    Australian New Member

    It seems to me that like other forums, very very few know anything about these devices, or otherwise are too lazy to bother to offer replies. And if that is the case, why do such people bother to subscribe to forums anyway?

    It may be better for people seeking answers to ask Archos directly.

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