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  1. Jackson67

    Jackson67 New Member

    A few questions about the Archos 70. I know that it has a FFC, so obviously I can video chat. What I am wondering, though, is can I easily use it as a video camera and then email the vid clips? Will I need to download an app for this, or will I just be able to do it on the 70 as is?

    Also, does anyone have any idea if the 70 will be available before Christmas?

    Thanks so much for any comments.

    ETA: Also, I was wondering if anyone has tried this as an e-reader? Thoughts on how it will function as such?

  2. Hajile_Ibushi

    Hajile_Ibushi Well-Known Member

    Quality is pretty bad. If you see anyone posting pics, it's probably taken in bright sunlight.

    You can make a recording tho, it's saved in \storage\dcim\camera\ folder as an MP4
  3. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping it'll be available before Christmas, but they won't say anything, as they are a very mysterious company (nice way of saying they are horrible at keeping us in the loop).
  4. Jackson67

    Jackson67 New Member

    Thanks for the comments. I figured as much re: the camera but good to know for sure. And, yeah, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning doing a little reading and research and found all the discussions re: release and delivery dates of these. Looks like it could definitely be after Christmas, unfortunately.
  5. Karuk

    Karuk Well-Known Member

    TigerDirect has them ready to ship for $299 RIGHT NOW!

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