Archos 7o: Problem afterwards FormatSupport

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  1. Assassinos

    Assassinos New Member


    Making Format (concretely: Full reinitialization) and after became the essential regulations with Wizard discovered that it does not exist android market and appslib.
    Therefore I cannot make no installation of program.

    Certain things that it should I mark:

    - At Wizard when they asked makes installation of programs third person they said that did not find nothing to install.

    - It has not presented the application (image with cogwheel -I do not remember name) where in from there you can install market and remaining applications.

    - Publication firmware Wears the 2.3.26 (2.2.1)

    - I formated him because I had installed enough things, and thus thought him of restoring in order to

  2. nima.gerami

    nima.gerami New Member

    Go to Setting, Applications and check the box for getting apps from unregistered sources! I don't remember the exact phrase but it's the first line in application settings.
  3. dougeeebear

    dougeeebear Member


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