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Are Note 2 batteries compatible with Note 3?General

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  1. bufonza

    bufonza New Member

    Are note 2 batteries compatible with note 3?

    I want to get an external battery charging kit for my 2 but I'm hoping I wont have to buy this over again once I upgrade in a few months. I'm mainly wondering about physical size & cant seem to dig up the dimensions nor do I have the opportunity to put one in my hand. I know that they have the same voltage @ 3.8 and that only because of the slightly different capacities the watt hours (Wh) are different. As would be in a replacement battery with a higher capacity. (This is just my basic understanding of battries recently acquired at Google University) Thanks in advance.

  2. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

  3. bufonza

    bufonza New Member

    Thanks, thats what I needed to know.

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