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aria super user permissions not working; non market apps

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  1. micahmanyea

    micahmanyea New Member

    i just "rooted" my htc aria and super user permissions doesnt seem to be working. i tested the root with a widget that requires a root and super user permissions came up and said allow or deny and i allowed and nothing happened. i dont know if this is a rooting problem or a super user permissions issue. what i want to do is install non market apps so if anyone could help me do that it is much appreciated.

  2. micahmanyea

    micahmanyea New Member

    i tried using superoneclick to allow non market apps and this is what i got

    Waiting for device...


    Getting mount path...

    Checking for sqlite3
    Remounting system with read-write access...


    Pushing sqlite3...
    failed to copy 'sqlite3' to '/system/bin/sqlite3': Permission denied


    chmod sqlite3...
    Unable to chmod /system/bin/sqlite3: No such file or directory


    Remounting system with read-only access...


    Getting settings.db location...
    find: not found

    Checking value...
    sqlite3: not found

  3. anika200

    anika200 Well-Known Member

    You will need to use unrevoked3 to get root on the aria. Then once you root, try booting into recovery mode to make sure everything is working. Also make sure you do Not have the usb plugged into the computer when rooting and starting up recovery.
  4. micahmanyea

    micahmanyea New Member

    i rebooted into recovery im on clockworkmod recovery v2.5.0.1
    so what now

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