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  1. Droid2Newb

    Droid2Newb Member

    Since this seems to change from phone to phone....

    Get to the contact page of anyone you wish to use a specific ringtone.
    Click the "MENU" button.
    Select "EDIT".
    Scroll to the bottom.
    Expand the "ADDITIONAL INFO" group.
    Scroll to the bottom.
    Click the "CALL HANDLING" option (2nd from bottom).
    Select your ringtone you wish to use for this contact.
    Click "OK".
    Click "SAVE".

    Disclaimer: All instructions valid at time of printing. Actual steps may vary with OS version releases.
    System Version: 2.2.19.A955.Verzon.en.US
    Android Version: 2.2

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  2. jmanneff

    jmanneff Member

    What about ringtones from sound boards? I have a few I have downloaded and can't seem to set more then one. I was wanting to have a few, one for texts, then some others for contact ringtones, but the phone only seems to allow one sound board in ringtone notification.
  3. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    That is for setting ringtones per contact. No contact can have more than one.
    If you want to assign a different text notification per contact you will need a 3rd party app such as handcent or chomp.
  4. jmanneff

    jmanneff Member

    I'm only trying to set one per contact, but my phone uses a ringtone name like "Soundboard Ringtone 1", and then if I try to set a different ringtone to a different person, they all change to the new ringtone.
  5. Dadof6

    Dadof6 New Member

    Not sure I understand what you are saying. Are you saying by appling a ringtone to a contact, on Droid 2, we should be getting that same ringtone when an SMS comes in? I am looking for that functionality.
  6. partymonster

    partymonster Member

    Just got the Samsung Captivate. While I knew of the limitation of syncing with Outlook (I used Google sync), I saw no mention anywhere that doing this negates your ability to assign specific ringtones to synced contacts. Seems like a pretty basic functionality was lost...
  7. jmanneff

    jmanneff Member

    ok, I downloaded the anchorman soundboard. I can have one sound saved at a time from that soundboard. I can still use other recordings for ringtones from other sources, just not another soundboard or it takes the first soundboard ringtone out. ie-ringtone set for wife I wanted anchorman sound-I'm kind of a big deal. Ringtone wanted for my sister from 40yr old vrigin soundboard-lets get some french toast. I save the one for my wife, then when I save the one for my sister, the one for my wife switches to the one saved for my sister.
  8. pool_shark

    pool_shark Well-Known Member

    No. Assigning a ringtone to a contact has nothing to do with SMS. If you want to assign an SMS tone to a contact you need a 3rd party app such as handcent or chomp.
  9. marvinrock

    marvinrock Well-Known Member

    This sounds like a problem with the soundboard you are using and not a problem with the droid 2. I'm using the Bruce Family Guy Soundboard ("ohhhh noooooo...I knooooowwwww") and it saves each file by the name of the file, not as ringtone.ogg. Try different soundboards. Or, and this will be stupid complicated, but at least a solution - After you save the one you want, acess your SD cards files, change the name of the file to whatever (burgundy.ogg, french_toast.ogg) then assign those individual files as needed. Hope that helps.
  10. IamReady

    IamReady Well-Known Member

    Samsung did something a little different with contacts and assigning only allows you to assign specific ringtones to "Phone" contacts. Try this: make a new phone contact and make sure to name it identical to the contact you want a ringtone for, assign a ringtone to this need to put any other info in besides the name. Now, the phone should merge the two contact entries into one consolidated and now you are able to assign a ringtone to that contact.

    I know this works on the Fascinate, so I am assuming the other Galaxy S devices are the same...
  11. Experimentalist

    Experimentalist Well-Known Member

    That's sad. My three year old Blackberry assigned SMS tones to contacts without third party apps.

    Not whining, just noting.

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