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    Jun 20, 2013
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    Ok so i was following this video (How To Root HTC One & Unlock Bootloader - Easiest & User Friendly - YouTube) to unlock and root my HTC one and i think i forgot toactually RUN the two files in the beginning like an idiot. everything was fine until about the 12:40 mark...i DO NOT have the Super SU file! im afraid i already have gone too far and forgetting to install those two files that have the drivers and sync manager are the reasons why it isnt there. i thought i installed them....so im basically stuck at the 12:40 mark and cant go anywhere...PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT TO DO:confused::(

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    Jul 25, 2010
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    not having the supre su file wont keep you from booting. nothing in the unlock process will.

    i cant watch your video at the momnet,but if youve tried to flash a rom,the most common cause for not booting,is that the boot image wsant changed,resulting in an incompatible kernel.

    youll need to give us some more info on what you did/didnt do,or i will watch your video later this evening.

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