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[AT&T] Need Odin files for mf3 galaxy s4

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  1. mcmax29

    mcmax29 Member


    I have rooted my galaxy s4 with an mf3 build number, so it has a locked boot loader. I am running safestrap recovery. I have two rom slots, one with a google play edition rom, and the other running cleanrom. I have flashed at least 6 roms and not ran into any problems. Now I want to unroot and. I cannot find the Odin file for the mf3 galaxy s4.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Remove safestrap.

    Go into a terminal. Run su.

    Remove busybox, if it's installed.

    Uninstall Superuser or SuperSu, whichever one you have.

    Remove su.

    Uninstall the terminal.

    You're unrooted.

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