[AT&T] Pen Window! Use Any Application - Video How To

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  1. Blackout720

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    Its a Root Tip, Not sure if its a All things root, if so I guess a Mod will move it.

    Note: Root Required! Needs Root Permissions!
    How to Root Note 3: How to Root The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - YouTube

    Use Any App on Pen Window with Galaxy Note 3
    Allows you to use any application with the Pen Windows feature. Turn them on and off, Remove or add Apps.

    Must Be Rooted, Install Busy Box Installed App found on the Play store. Now open and press install, when done now go and install Pen Window Manager. Open and add what apps you want for Pen Window. Press save and restart phone. There you go! If you are having problem watch the video.

    Busy Box Installer: http://bit.ly/BusyBoxIn
    PenWindowManager: http://bit.ly/Penwindow

    Video Guide : Pen Window Hack! Use Any Application - Galaxy Note 3 - YouTube
    (If you know how to enable videos let me know please thanks)

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    Did pen window manager get pulled form the market?

    I don't see it listed in the store.
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    ;) :) :D


    Done! :thumbup:
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  6. Blackout720

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    Yeah sorry didn't get to you in time. The link I posted was from the XDA. Its not on the playstore anymore Just the busy box.

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