[AT&T] Play Store and YouTube do not work on CM10 and CM10.1 nightly

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  1. AJEilering

    AJEilering Member

    Hey, I recently flashed CM10 on my at&t gs3 and when I went to open YouTube and the play store, they wouldn't work. When I pressed on the play store it wouldn't open. But when I pressed on YouTube it would open but I couldn't sign in. I cleared all the data for the play store, and then installed the first version of it and it still didn't work. Then I cleared the data and downloaded the android market. Still didn't work. I even installed CM10.1 but it still crashes when I open. For now I've just been using apptoide, but I really want my play store back. Same with YouTube. I use them all the time. I've checked a bunch of other threads but they haven't helped.

    Thanks, Austin

  2. brawndo

    brawndo Active Member

    Clean flash or dirty flash? I didn't think 10.0 had any major issues like that but I'm not familiar with it.
  3. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    i've used all the CM10 monthlies, CM10 stable, and the first CM10.1 monthly without experiencing this.

    but yea, did you clean install?

    i would suggest trying that.
  4. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    Which gapps did you flash with the rom?
  5. AJEilering

    AJEilering Member

    What's a clean install? And also, what's detoxing?
  6. AJEilering

    AJEilering Member

    There was no gapps pre installed on the rom.
  7. mrhomiec

    mrhomiec Well-Known Member

    a clean install is:

    * wipe cache
    * factory reset
    * wipe dalvik
    * flash rom
    * wipe cache
    * wipe dalvik

    as for GAPPS, all CM custom ROMs do not come with it. you have to flash it after the ROM. give that a shot. this should fix it.
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  8. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

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