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Attn: CyanogenMod-7, Project Gretel: CM7 for LG Ally

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  1. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

    Phone Setup:

    Rom: cyanogen_aloha-ota-eng.getitnowmarketing-7.zip (Project Gretel: build #7)

    Kernel: kernel_cm7_1.zip

    Build.Prop Edits: edited the mobiledata.interfaces=rmnet0 line.
    Changed to -> Line was not there, so I added mobiledata.interfaces=rmnet0,rmnet1,rmnet2

    All logcats performed after an adb reboot!

    3g end call "Un"successful logcat -b radio > radiologcat.txt I/PHONE ( 1503): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1503): Cdma Subscription - Pastebin.com

    logcat E/linker ( 1331): 1331 not unloading 'libc.so', decrementing refcount to 60 - Pastebin.com

    Wifi end call "Un"Successful logcat -b radio > radiologcat.txt I/PHONE ( 1499): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1499): Cdma Subscription - Pastebin.com

    logcat I/wpa_supplicant( 1909): WPA: Key negotiation completed with 34:ef:44:ad:7e:51 [ - Pastebin.com

    Note: turned wifi on, I had wifi AND 3g icon showing in Status/Notification bar)

    Rebooted phone

    Note:now I DO NOT have wifi and 3g icons in Status/Notification bar...I now only have the wifi icon after reboot.

    Wifi end call Successful logcat -b radio > radiologcat.txt I/PHONE ( 1515): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1515): Cdma Subscription - Pastebin.com

    logcat E/linker ( 1329): 1329 not unloading 'libm.so', decrementing refcount to 58 - Pastebin.com

    Switch from 3g to wifi to 3g again logcat -b radio > radiologcat.txt I/PHONE ( 1501): Network Mode set to 4 I/PHONE ( 1501): Cdma Subscription - Pastebin.com

    logcat I/dun_service( 1636): Post event 4 E/dun_service( 1636): DUN STATE [DUN_STATE_U - Pastebin.com

  2. evildead29

    evildead29 New Member

    Hey lonewolf where do I find build 7 to test?
  3. AndroidKris

    AndroidKris Well-Known Member

    Join the Freenode IRC #ally chat and see if they are doing any testing, then volunteer your phone as a test subject. Be sure you meet ALL of the requirements in the first three posts first though.
  4. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Well-Known Member Developer

    How come you made this thread? don't you think it would be easier to keep it in the official one? Not trying to be rude, just think its gonna get confusing...
  5. lonewulf

    lonewulf Member

    This Thread was not intended for any replys what-so-ever, but instead, for "cyanogen" developers via getitnowmarketings' request.

    Hopefully next time you have such a generic question, you'll ask it in IRC , where I see you daily.

    As for the thread, getitnowmarketing was informed to remove at his discretion, which I'm sure he will. ...
  6. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    What a cranky response to a valid question! If it was only for the dev team, perhaps you should have either (a) PM'd the group or at the very least (b) made it clear in your OP that no one should post replies in it.

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