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  1. gggdhdj

    gggdhdj Member

    I always charge my phone at night, and naturally when i wake up it is at 100%, but lately after i unplug it, jsut 5 minutes later the battery launches back down to usually in the 20%'s. I dont have an app killer, and i deleted android assistant, i dont know if that was teh problem, adn i also have a battery widget that is displaying my percents that im using, which is also relative to teh battery displayed in the top taskbar. please help!

  2. geekofagirl

    geekofagirl Member

    Take the battery out and make sure it doesn't feel "swollen." It should be totally flat on the top and bottom - if it's not, don't use it!

    You might stop by a Sprint store (or battery store) and have them test it for you to see if it is a problem with the phone or with the battery.

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