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  1. Amaeloeze

    Amaeloeze Well-Known Member

    For some reason it seems like the battery life for this phone is not that great. I switched from the Motorola Droid 1 to the prevail and i thought the prevail battery life was terrible. I thought that the battery life for this phone will be a lot better than the prevail but to me it just feels like it's slightly better. What confuses me is that normally the display kills my battery the most but on this phone it's only saying it takes up 3% then it says that the android system takes up 84% of my battery usage. I don't understand how because i normally close down all the programs that use. Are you guys having the same battery problems? Is there a solution?

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Comming from the prevail, this battery is pretty good. I. get about 22 hours stock, rooted. I too show that the system uses abou 80% and that makes me quite happy cuz once some of the moders get into this phone and get rid of all the crap that is running in the background this battery I'm hopping will at least double.... When I kill all the processes almost all of them start right back up.
  3. xanderaech

    xanderaech New Member

    My roommate and I both bought the Ultra and we both noticed less than ideal battery life with the Android System taking up anywhere between 70-90% normally. I am not sure exactly what is causing the issue...
  4. Larzdj323

    Larzdj323 Member

    Yep...same here. Hopefully since Sprint is also taking on this phone that there will be an extended battery option available soon...
    Oh yeah, does anyone elses Ultra take an exorbitant amount of time to charge? I need at least 3-4 hours to get a full battery.
  5. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    First charge took a long time, after that starting ffrom about 20 - 30% takes about 45mins with a wall charger and about 120-150 mins with a car charger or a usb computer port
  6. dishe

    dishe Well-Known Member

    here's something odd- I just checked the battery status to see how much life the battery has had so far (usually says on the top how long it has been on for, and a little chart showing voltage throughout that period). Well, it says my phone has been on for 5+ days. That doesn't make sense, does it?

    On other Android devices, whenever I reset the phone the battery starts counting over again. I've removed the battery several times today and am in the process of charging it up. Why on earth does it say I've been up for 5 days?
  7. mavrikmeercat

    mavrikmeercat Well-Known Member

    Boost has Put a Background service on all the smartphones in order for them to remotely access certain information and/or hardware on your phone and it takes up A LOT of your battery life. Shabbypenguine & Hroark found it in the Prevail's Kernel when they started development on it. I was just decompiling the kernel files from one of your phones and i think I see it there as well.. I'm sure if asked, they would say it's for customer support reasons and that might be partly true but I don't think thats the whole deal. Not sure what it does entierly but it may also alow them to access your GPS and/or IP address in order to read cell tower location. Shabby produced a kernel that does away with this for our prevails and it doubled our battery life. I get over 18 ours on my prevail with moderate use. 8-12 with heavy use and up to 24 with lite use. Stock I got 4-5 hours if I was lucky. Interdpth is the one who gave you guys the option to root your phones and I know now that Shabby and interdpth are working on getting Odin and Clockworkmod recovery for you already so just hang in there, thank them for everything that they do, and be as helpful as possible. These guys are awesome an deserve much gratitude for taking time out of their busy lives to give you more options than just stock.
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  8. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    The Previal and Transforms battery is the same. Have a look. And there both 1500mah.
  9. Alan Houston

    Alan Houston Member

    By combining all of the battery saving tips I have read on Android Forums, and elsewhere, I can get 24 hours per charge with moderate use and up to 48 hours with light use.

    I use the "Power Widget" that comes with the Prevail to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Synch. I use the free "Data Switch" widget to turn off 3G. I manually turn off "locations" and "Google Maps". I set the screen brightness at about 20% indoors.

    The Prevail works fine for phone calls and texts with all of those apps turned off. Two or three times a day, I turn on either Wi-Fi or 3G to download my Gmail and check news headlines and weather. When I am done, I turn them off, and then use the Prevail's Task Manager to do a "level 2" memory clear, which closes any apps running in the background.

    When I first got my Prevail, my "default" mode was to have all functions turned on, thinking that it would be inconvenient to have to turn on 3G, GPS, and "Google Maps" to use Google Navigation the five or ten minutes a week that is typical for me. And, with all functions turned on, I was lucky to get 12 hours per charge.

    So, now I charge at 10 p.m. at night, and 24 hours later, I still have a 40% to 60% charge remaining. All it takes is the willingness to take ten or fifteen seconds to turn on apps only when they are needed and ten or fifteen seconds to turn them back off when you are finished.

    One BIG exception: this tips have no impact on what happens when you begin using "Google Navigation" or are watching VEVO videos using 3G. Those high drain functions will run your battery to zero in about two hours. For high drain functions, have your charger handy.

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