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  1. conradcpt

    conradcpt New Member


    I'm not getting very good battery life out of my LG Optimus Black, and I notice that when I go to the option that shows what has been using my battery, it shows, Gallery 67 %, Maps 31 % and Cell Standby 2 %.

    What is using the gallery and the maps? Anyone else having the same problem?


  2. cpoticha

    cpoticha Member

    I'm pretty diligent in keeping my monitored services to a minimum, but battery use is pathetic. I have to recharge each morning after a night's sleep! Today's surprise was that 96% was being used by the stock alarm clock. WTF?
  3. prajnyan

    prajnyan New Member

    Yes, I too have observed it, so I am not using the app. Hope that LG comes out with the gingerbread update and with a fix for these issues! Till then I am relying on the Alarm Clock Plus app.
  4. 3Gbaby

    3Gbaby New Member

    I just downloaded an app called Task Manager from Android, which apparently "kills" apps running on the background. And this seems to made my battery last longer and my system to response faster. Try it, this might work for you too. :)
  5. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    Must use Market to download updates for your phone apps. On the first page, press the phone's Menu button an choose the first option.

    I had a problem with Maps that stopped occurring after the update.

    If you're on the nerdish side, SystemPanel is very useful to watch which apps are pounding most on the CPU.

    On the other hand, even with data disabled, and all processes behaving as expected, this phone will drain around 0.8% from the battery per hour overnight (and this with a full signal from my carrier). That's about 125 hours, whereas LG says it can last up to 375 hours in standby, which is triple the real-world enurance.

    Question is: what kind of standby? With the phone sitting mere 10 feet away from the nearest carrier antenna? :p The other option is putting it into airplane mode, which makes no sense overnight (one would better turn it off).
  6. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

    Today my phone's OSP daemon (lgospd) went nuts. My battery was nearly exausted and CPU was at a constant 100%.

    Since it was unstoppable, I had to power-cycle the phone.

    It's the first time it happens, and a couple of days after I sent SwitchPro that I got rom Market down the gutter.

    I just don't hard-reset my phone becuse I'm waiting for Gingerbread which is due in a couple of days (IF LG releases it as promised). O2X and O3D already have it, only OB doesn't (yet).
  7. daj198

    daj198 New Member

    I've had the same issue with the alarm clock app- sort it out, LG!

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