Be careful with geotagging, here's how to remove a tagTips

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    I hope everyone knows about the dangers in accidentally giving out your location by sharing a photo with a geo-tag embedded. If you don't know about this, read about the MythBusters guy in the NY Times.

    Anyway, sometimes you take a shot and forget that geo-tagging was enabled. It's even easier to do this now with 2.2, because for some idiotic reason the geotag setting in the Camera app is GONE.

    Anyway, this app I found can strip out the geo-tag from a shot that has already been tagged. And it can do this on your phone. That way you can share it without worry.

    Remove Photo Geotagging Info With Geo Eraser | AndroGeoid

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    Except not only does it tag via GPS location, it can also tag via wifi location. Add this in with the facebook thing, and you just added even more info someone can use.

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