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Bell XT860 Bloatware

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  1. LifeInAnalog

    LifeInAnalog Well-Known Member

    ...I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread on what bloatware we have frozen/removed safely, with no ill consequences;

    A couple of things; Everything you do to your own phone is at your own risk. What works on mine, might not work on yours.

    Removal of some of these apps may affect your ability to get OTA updates.

    ...and of course, you may want to keep some of these. Use your own judgement.

    I'm using Titanium Backup (Pro) to freeze:

    Cardock 1.0
    Facebook Authenticator 2.3.4
    Flickr Auth. 2.3.4
    Global Unplug 1.0
    GPS Navigator 5.8
    Kobo 3.0.702
    MediaShare 1.0.0
    Motorola Dock Service 1.0
    Myspace Auth. 2.3.4
    News and Weather 1.3.04
    News 2.3.4
    Top HD Games 1.0.0
    Tunes and Apps 1.0
    Tunes and Apps Widget 1.4.2

    ...that's it for now. I froze a lot more initially, but it affected my contacts so now I'm proceeding much slower. Do not remove/freeze anything Yahoo, Corporate Sync Authenticator or Guided Tours.

    ...keep adding to the list!

    EDIT: Orkut Authenticator
    Suggestions 1.0
    SuggestionsCoreRuleChecker Service 2.3.4
    Suggestions Poll Scheduler Service 2.3.4

  2. Twitch_City

    Twitch_City Member

    Hahaha, I was just going to post and request that you put up your Freeze list! Great timing!

    I'm just downloading Titanium now but I definitely want to freeze some of this Bell junk that is installed.
  3. sbwoodside

    sbwoodside Member

    New android user here. Just replaced my ancient but well loved N95 8GB with xt860, which I bought unlocked from Negri, and I'm running it on Rogers. Everything pretty smooth so far, but I'm in the "dislike motoblur" camp, and the battery life is pretty bad. Thanks for the freeze list, I'll play around with freezing soon.

    What are the chances of getting a new ROM for the xt860? Seems like there are quite a few for the Droid 3, but I guess the xt860 is different enough that they can't be run. In the past has the "canadian version" of other android phones received attention from the rom community?
  4. LifeInAnalog

    LifeInAnalog Well-Known Member

    ...the original Milestone did pretty well, it even received versions of CM6 and CM7, which are still being developed to this day.

    Alas, our beloved XT860 is not fairing near as well. If you check in the XDA forums, in the Droid 3 threads you'll see a live play-by-play of the progress. There seems to be a Chinese ROM that can be successfully flashed...but even that I'm unsure of. And any ROM flashing is risky without an sbf to re-flash if you run into problems.

    Hopefully, in the next few months, some dev will take on the phone.

    In the meanwhile, try running Launcher Pro as your home replacement...you won't notice the Blur near as much :)
  5. pericranium

    pericranium New Member

    As much as I'm loving my XT860, I agree that it needs a nano nuclear generator :-D, however my Bell retail sales guy's recommend of 'Nighttime Saver' mode, appreciably improves the situation.

  6. sbwoodside

    sbwoodside Member

  7. macnews

    macnews New Member

    I've uninstalled all those apps as I have rooted my XT860. But I still find it unbearably slow.

    Any ideas?

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