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Best ROM for Epic?

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  1. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member

    With Samsung/Sprint dragging their feet on a Gingerbread release, I'm thinking of just rooting my Epic. Question is, which stock 2.3 ROM is best for everyday use?

  2. dangerdat

    dangerdat Active Member

  3. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the response, but that one is based on Froyo....I'm looking for a good , stable Gingerbread ROM.
  4. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

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  5. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

    Double post.
  6. Travenport

    Travenport Active Member

    link to randomROM doesnt seem to be working. Is it mirrored anywhere else?
  7. earthboundiap

    earthboundiap New Member

    Nothing I have tried so far is stable enough for everday use, they all have issues to tell you the truth. Over at Independent Android Project we have one of the best IMO ec05 roms and we are working hard to deliver a gingerbread release that is stable, if it's not possible to get it stable we won't release it, my suggestion to you is if you are going to use a gingerbread rom try them out and figure out which works best for you, because depending on what you use it for all of them have issues right now... I'm not totaly sure if it's the devs or what they are working with yet as I have only scratched the surface of gingerbread right now...

  8. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    SRF 1.2 and genocide 1.1 has been completely stable for us. I even flashed it over 1.1 and it's been great.
  9. clownboat

    clownboat New Member

  10. edytwinky

    edytwinky Well-Known Member

  11. clownboat

    clownboat New Member

    It's the only non-stock ROM I've used on the Epic 4G, but it's fast and stable and plays well with my apps. I've got twice the available RAM I had in stock at any given time. I don't care what they say about Android's ability to self-regulate internal memory; I don't use a task manager, but when my available memory got as low as it did in stock, performance suffered. I blame it on the Sprint crapware SyndicateROM got rid of, but I don't really know. I freely admit my ignorance and rely on my experience. All I know is if you're waiting on a mod that's not ready yet, this is a good bet.
  12. nerydlg

    nerydlg Member

    and the guideline for install it ?? I see that this version fixed the most common problems with the epic, I'm interested about install it but think that need a guideline I've EC05 stock.
  13. nyrblue35

    nyrblue35 Well-Known Member

    I installed the syndicate rom frozen and its very cool. This was my first rom i successfully installed, did it last night as a matter of fact. got some really cool stuff i have to say! I used this tutorial and it was very easy. god i love you tube. :rolleyes:

    How to flash SyndicateRom Frozen 1.2 on the Samsung Epic 4G - YouTube
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  14. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    As an update, I installed CleanGB ROM on my wife's Epic. [ROM] [EI22] [CWM5] [ROM MANAGER] CleanGB ( 2011/12/13 ) Scrollable Status with 4G! - xda-developers

    The ROM is fantastic!!! The phone is now just about perfect.

    I added the google video chat app too: GTalk W/Video-Audio Working on EG22/EH17/EI22-D/L Links Updated 12-4-11 - xda-developers

    After some issues with EC05, the EI22 CleanGB ROM is working awesome. The GPS locks up instantly. Everything works as it should.

    This phone now rocks with the new ROM!!! Highly recommended!!!! :D
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  15. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    Agreed... CleanGB is the first rom I've flashed on my wife's phone that works the way it should. Hopefully the RFS systam and data will keep it that way for more than 3 weeks this time.
  16. MadBrown

    MadBrown Well-Known Member

    I too am using CleanGB and love it. I did want more launcher options, so I'm using Zeam Launcher and it works like a charm. I like this because it's using the "official" kernel, which is stable.

    Not sure why anyone would want SFR right now since they're still on Froyo (I think).
  17. nyrblue35

    nyrblue35 Well-Known Member

    Ive bounced around from many ROMS but Clean GB is great. Using the Go launcher with this as the stock tw wasnt cutting it. Removed all instances of DRM and the phone never locks up.
  18. Randjob

    Randjob New Member

    Have you run Syndicate Frozen Rom on the phone, and if so how does CleanGB compare to that? I've been running SFR on mine for a while now and it's pretty great, and I was just wondering if switching would really be worth the trouble
  19. nyrblue35

    nyrblue35 Well-Known Member

    With clockwork mod is it really "trouble"? hell no! :D

    I switch roms outta boredom. Titanium backup has all my apps/configuration so restoring things the way i want is cake after installing the rom. ;)
  20. epiclectic

    epiclectic New Member

    I'm running 2 Epics, mine (Bonsai4all v4.01 with goLauncher) and hers (Froyo with stock launcher), both rooted and flashed to cricket. Since the last Bonsai update was a bricker, I've stopped looking for a while...now I'm wondering...

    Now that Sprint is sending the OTA GB updates, what's the diff between Sprint's GB, the new CyanogenMod port and my Bonsai? Can't find a good comparison online yet.... thanks for any opinions. :)
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