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Best way to boost batter lifeTips

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  1. asull238

    asull238 New Member

    Would you guys recommend using the Smart Actions app, and if so, what configurations do you use? Or should I get something like Juice Defender?

  2. Bracchus

    Bracchus Member

    Asull -

    Do the OTA software update. Sense upgrading the software, my battery usage has improved drastically. Go to settings/about phone/system updates. I tried all of the battery saver apps and the GO Power Master app worked best for me. But now, since the update, I don't need anything and I'm a pretty heavy user.
  3. shalemail

    shalemail Well-Known Member Contributor

    Agreed. Battery was not much of an issue for me prior to the OTA update but since I could go for 20 hours straight of heavy usage between charges. At the end of the day (off charger at 6AM back on charger at about 10PM) I am usually at about 40% battery.

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