Best way to format SD Card?

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  1. Viper05

    Viper05 Well-Known Member

    Somehow I've gone and fouled up my SD card. Everytime I try and install a rom it won't mount the ext partition - yet it seems to be taking up space on my card when I connect it to my computer as if there's a partition there. I installed Velocity 0.4 after wiping my data, cache, and dcache, but somehow it still had all my apps that I had installed before - I'm guessing they installed via apps2sd.

    Is there a way I can just do a complete wipe of the SD card so that I can hopefully get a good clean install? I've tried using the tool included with Rom Manager but it still has the problem with the ext partition.

  2. flyinjoe13

    flyinjoe13 Well-Known Member

    Clockwork recovery doesn't offer a way to wipe the ext partition. Once you setup your SDCard with an ext partition for apps2sd, the next time you want to install a new ROM, you need to reformat the whole card. Kind of a hassle.

    I suggest you flash the Aloha recovery and use it if you plan to keep using apps2sd. It has 4 wipe options, the data, cache, dalvik cache and ext partition. That means anytime you want to switch to a new ROM, you can easily wipe everything and install the new ROM without having to redo the whole SDCard.
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  3. Viper05

    Viper05 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a bunch! I guess it's time to get Aloha :)
  4. Viper05

    Viper05 Well-Known Member

    Okay might have hit a slight snag.. I did a search for Amon-Ra on the marketplace and downloaded A4D Utility. When I try and launch the program - I get the error:

    "The Application A4D UItility (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    I have restarted my phone and it still gives the error :confused:

    Is this the right app?
  5. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    Rom manager.

    Flash alternate recovery. It's there.

    That's the easiest way to flash it. x)

    Don't know what A4D utility is but you dont need it.
  6. Viper05

    Viper05 Well-Known Member

    When I open up Rom Manager under Flash Alternate Recovery it's grey and says "No Alternate Recovery Available"

    Maybe I need to reinstall that too?
  7. dots

    dots Well-Known Member

    Is it faded out where you cant click it?

    If so try flashing clockwork first then it should light up. But odd how it says no alternate recovery. clockwork to Amon-Ra <--- You can flash that in clockwork to get amon-ra(aloha) recovery or flash amon-ra via the instructions there manually.
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  8. Viper05

    Viper05 Well-Known Member

    Okay that did the trick. I uninstalled Rom Manager, reinstalled it from the market, then flashed clockwork mod recovery, then the option for the alternate was there. wow what a hassle.

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