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  1. djscuba702

    djscuba702 Guest

    Best bible app in the android market! Easily let's me switch between different translations (especially helpful when at a different church that uses another version). Text is easy to read and navigating from book to book and chapter to chapter couldn't be easier. Sometimes when reading my actual bible at home i don't know what I want to read but this bible app makes it easy by giving daily suggested reading. Very helpful! One of the best parts about this app is that you can bookmark verses! It's so awesome because when someone needs advice I can easily point them to one of my favorite bible verses. Another great feature is the search, it allows you to search the bible based on key words you enter! It's like having google in your bible!!

  2. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I use YouVision Bible app and love it. You can now download selected verions to your phone to view off line and its free. (This was a big plus for me.) I love being able to know highlight text, just like I do with my physical bible. I have done a few reading plans and they work well. Having God's word at my fingertips is great.
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  3. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded this and installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I agree it's amazing! I'd like to get it on my PC, too, but it seems that it's only for mobile/cell phones. Am I missing something?
  4. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    As a "basic" Bible app, this is a good one. Connectivity is good, and everything runs smoothly and reliably. However, for more detailed study, I very much prefer Olive Tree Bible Reader, even though their internal book prices are somewhat expensive. For free, I think that And Bible is a much more useful option, with Strong's numbers, commentaries, and other free resources.
  5. pixaro

    pixaro Well-Known Member

    Does it need internet connection? I am looking for a good offline bible app
  6. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    Well, this was in the first message: "OFFLINE BIBLE ACCESS/AIRPLANE MODE:
  7. Supatramp

    Supatramp Member

    Downloaded and installed, but then uninstalled it!

    You have to create an account to be able to use it offline, but although I used 2 different e-mail addresses, there seemed to be a problem with both!! Each time there was a white exclamation mark on a red dot, but no info about what was wrong!!!

    The 2 addresses I used were and, both of which work perfectly well.
  8. GalaxyS2Kent

    GalaxyS2Kent Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that. I use gmail, too, with no problems. Did you query the developers? I have it on my phone AND my new Asus tablet with no problems.
  9. EllevSoft

    EllevSoft Member

    I am sad to see as version goes up, the program takes longer to load up.
  10. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Well-Known Member

    I love the app also, but I have to admit the widget is pretty bland. Does anyone know how to modify the plain black and white look of the Bible Verse Of The Day widget?
  11. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Are you still seeing long load-up times? The latest release should have fixed that. :)

    Not at the moment, but it is something the developer is looking at...
  12. alicemenezes

    alicemenezes Well-Known Member

    Definitely. Have been using the YouVersion Bible for a while now. In the the old phone as well as the new one. Never given me any problems. amazing app and android application and great features
  13. cat_sorcerer

    cat_sorcerer Member

    Whole bible on your phone!! WOW.
  14. Agwanta

    Agwanta New Member

    Guys how would you compare this to MySword app? Has anyone tried it too?

    Many thanks!
  15. bmiles

    bmiles Member (Biblehub) is ALL you will ever need!! It has changed my life!
  16. MacLinDroid

    MacLinDroid Well-Known Member

    There are sufficient Bible apps that can be used off-line, already on Playstore. I see no need for registering yet another online account.

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