black screen/reboot problem after v2.3.3 upgraded?Support

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  1. lakecra

    lakecra Member

    After I upgraded v2.3.3, my LG shine plus always black screen (cannot see anything no matter what keys I press). Therefore, I need to unplug the battery and power it up again and again. Does anyone have this problem?

    Please help me to figure out this.

    Thank you!

  2. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    Many people have this problem. It happens to me about once every few days.
  3. TheSarge

    TheSarge Active Member

    The workaround is simple, if not very obvious.

    1) When the screen goes blank and becomes seeming unresponsive, press and hold the hang-up button for about a minute (or until you see the screen flash.)
    2) Release the hang-up button.
    3) Press-and-release the home button.
    4) You should now be back at your android desktop.

    After you do this, the problem should not re-occur, or at least it has not reoccurred for me.*

    *Some exploding may occur. May contain nuts. Not for internal consumption. Keep out of reach of Darth Vader. Void where prohibited. Prohibited where void. For internal use only. Not responsible for lost or missing limbs. In case of anger, please direct anger to your nearest anything that is not me. This message brought to you by electrons.
  4. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    I've never been able to get this to work. i try every time.
  5. lakecra

    lakecra Member

    I tried this method too when my cel turned to black screen. I did not work at all. Still looking for any resolutions!

    I also phone to LG. They just replied me that reset the phone to the default setting by pressing combination of keys. I told them the V2.3.3. upgrade has serious issue and asked if they had heard this issuse. The answer was just simple "NO" and "No record". However, I believe they already knew this issue, but just don't want to deal with it.

    I will never try LG celphones in the rest of my life ,even it is a FREE phone. BAD customer Service.

    If any LG tech people or customer service people read this message, don't be insulted becasue this is the FACT. IF you ( but I don't think only one or two people can make this change) want to have ya celphone market BACK. You guys really really need to work so hard on the design, system, price and CUSTOMER SERVICE , THESE FOUR FIELDS to make GOOD money !!

    Honestly, the issue of V 2.3.3 had already come out more than 1 month, but LG or Telus still did not do any action toward their valuable CUSTOMERS !!!


    This is just my conclusion to the LG celphone department and customer service.
  6. TheSarge

    TheSarge Active Member

    Yeah, my next phone will be from HTC. LG can go **** themselves. Their brand went on on my "DO NOT BUY" list back in July when they postponed the update to September... and then to October... and then when it did finally come out, it was ****tardedly broken. **** LG!
  7. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    I doubt that anyone would disagree with that.. I'm not sure if I will never buy anything from LG again, but i will never buy a cell phone made by them again
  8. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    That Samsung Galaxy 2S X is looking pretty good eh?
  9. landovr

    landovr Well-Known Member

    The only way to solve the problem is to leave your wifi turned off unless you are using it. If you don't put you phone to sleep with the wifi on, the problem never happens.
  10. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

  11. fleshwound250

    fleshwound250 New Member

    If I try to download a file over 20 mo then it does happen to me. But you are rigth turning off wifi before putting the phone to sleep helps.
  12. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    For some of us including me the the blackscreen would happen while using the wifi.
  13. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    I've had it happen even with wifi off, but it does happen a lot less.
  14. No1uNo

    No1uNo New Member

    This doesn't solve the problem for me. I always leave the wifi off when I'm not using it and wifi still constantly errors usually only after a few minutes of use. Sometimes it happens within a minute, other times it gives me 15 - 20 minutes before it errors. Sometimes it errors after 30 seconds so I reboot the phone only to have it error on me in 30 seconds again. If I'm doing something on wifi, it's not uncommon for me to have to reboot my phone 3 or 4 times within 10 minutes and then I just get fed up and forget it.

    All in all I like my phone but LG REALLY REALLY needs to fix this. I highly doubt I will buy another LG product again just due to the poor support they have offered for the phone. I also have an LG fridge but that's a whole other ordeal altogether.

    On another note, can anyone point me in the direction of a thread that demonstrates how to root the LG Shine plus with the gingerbread update? I've tried a whole bunch of different rooting applications (including Gingerbreak) and nothing works. It looks like there might be some apps for rooted phones that might help with these issues but I can't get the phone to root.
  15. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    Check out the Forum Shine-All Things Root Gingerbread Rooting Technique For Android 2.3.3 by Karendar.
  16. warrenzo

    warrenzo Member

    When you check the "turn wifi off when sleeping" or whatever the option says under wifi settings, it helps the problem alot.
  17. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    I'll be honest with you, I checked "Always on" for wifi and it took all of 5 minutes to crash... So I'm thinking wifi being on is the overall issue here. If it's disabled when sleeping, it might actually help.

    Hopefully LG will supply the fix as promised soon-ish.
  18. Solvi

    Solvi New Member

    I updated my phone to the 2.3.3 update and didn't really notice any problem until just recently when I installed the Hotmail App. I had previously been using the GMail App to receive my EMails but decided to give Hotmail a try. GMail was always set up to Sync my folders. As soon as I installed the Hotmail App and set it to sync my folders I started to experience the problem of a black screen after trying to wake up the phone. After I uninstalled the Hotmail App the problem disappeared. I have tried the installation a couple of times and always get the black screen when trying to wake up the phone.
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  19. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Interesting find... Might be related to the sync option then! We'll try and deactivate sync to see if it's still causing the issue
  20. lakecra

    lakecra Member

    Hey Guys, don't waste your time and money to fix this Garbage phone. Go get another phone!!! You will be much happier , for sure!
  21. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the very useful information. I'm pretty sure it fixed everyone's issues. ;)
  22. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    I found having autosync off made the battery last way longer. I don't know about stopping the black screen problem though. I keep wifi off now unless i need it. If I need it long, i plug in the usb. The black screen problem hasn't happened in months.

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