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  1. k3davis

    k3davis Member

    Video walk-throughs I've seen show this phone to have a lot of bloatware preinstalled, which is typical of VZW (and probably most other carriers') phones. I haven't seen any murmur or rumbling to indicate if/when root may be available for this device, but is there any way to permanently disable apps in ICS (presuming they can't be uninstalled without root)?

    I hate all the junk that comes preinstalled, but I hate even more constantly getting prompted to update them, or ones that run in the background, when I never use them in the first place.

    If not - I'll wait and see if root is achieved here before I consider this device. Otherwise I would have bought it already!

  2. TheMax7

    TheMax7 New Member

    [First post] yay!

    I just checked on mine, If you disable the app it will no longer show in the app folder. I did this with both VZ Nav and Amazon MP3. Just hold the icon like you are going to drop it to the home screen, then at the top there is a "More options" at the top, drag to it, select disable and your done. Hope this helps on your choice, I'm loving this phone coming from my Droid X :)
  3. danieljw

    danieljw New Member

    Yes, most of the apps can be disabled with ICS with a few exceptions. I have all possible Verizon apps disabled and don't find the remaining ones to be too obtrusive. It's the best we got until root comes about.

    Now, if anybody figures out how to remove the pre-installed, locked Verizon bookmarks in Chrome, that's another issue I would be very interested in resolving. Chrome seems to default to the Verizon bookmarks folder when opened. Terribly annoying. I'm just glad they didn't sync to my other computers!
  4. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, k3davis, and TheMax7! Glad to have you both!

    Yes ICS you can disable most apps, so bloatware becomes much less of an issue. Really a lifesaver for non-Nexus device owners. Combine the ability to disable bloatware, with the much less intrusive, more stock-like Blur, and Motorola has been re-introduced into my consideration for my next phone.
  5. k3davis

    k3davis Member

    Thanks all, I wasn't aware this was a feature of ICS.

    My sad little phone hardly made it to gingerbread ;)
  6. nlalic

    nlalic New Member

    I just got the RAZR M (my first Android phone) and I am loving it. I like how it's mostly screen up front, and it's perfectly pocket size. Previous phone was a Palm Pre Plus (deadOS), so this is like walking from the stone age onto a space shuttle.

    Now if I could only get this crappy Verizon software off of it :-/
  7. libertytoday

    libertytoday Active Member

    i'm trying to disable some of my bloatware (samsung galaxy SII with 4.0.3) but can't see the 'more options' you talk of
    it's from within the applications i'm trying
    (will it be different for each phone?)

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