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  1. the_moose

    the_moose Member

    I've got an HTC One X and am looking for advice on Bluetooth headphones. *I used Motorola Rokrs with my old HTC Desire, but they've finally died - and as I*occasionally*had connection problems with them I'm not sure I'd buy another pair.*

    I need to be able to make/receive calls, and the usual play/pause/ff/rw/volume controls on the headphones.*I will mainly be using them outdoors for cycling etc, so reliability and strong connection are at least as important as sound quality... and*I listen to a lot of what my kids call my "Shouty Rock" (Dropkicks, Skels etc) so high quality music reproduction isn't vital, as long as it's not too tinny and has got a bit of bass to keep me going*:)*

    I'm hoping to spend about 50 quid, but could go to

  2. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    I have Motorokrs which haven't died yet, although the battery life is now quite bad.

    I guess you know all about them, though, so I won't say much more :D
  3. coney

    coney Well-Known Member

  4. the_moose

    the_moose Member

    Thanks for the quick replies. I've had a look at the Creative ones and checked a few reviews out - seems impressive so I've got some on order.

    Cheers, Moose. :thumbup:
  5. benitorios

    benitorios Well-Known Member

    I might be a little late by the look of things but:

    The Sony Ericsson MW600 is a pretty decent BT headset. You can clip it to clothes, and there is a headphone jack so you can change the original earphones that come with it to something else (doesn't need to have integrated mic since the mic is on the fixed piece itself). It has play/pause, back/next + volume control. Connects flawlessly. My only gripe with it is that the volume control is touch-sensitive: sometimes it's hard to adjust precisely. But other than that, a pretty good choice (got mine for 35 euros on Amazon).
  6. joela85

    joela85 Member

    I would agree with benitorios about the Sony Ericsson MW600. I think this is great, ideal for me, great sound. good connection, I also use this as my bluetooth car device as it has the 3.5mm jack, cheap, great sound. Ideal. The only negative is the touch sensitive volume control as benitorios also mentions, can me fiddly at times, but you don't need to play around with the volume that often. recommend.
  7. the_moose

    the_moose Member

    Thanks for the further replies. Hopefully the Creative ones will do the job for me, but the other suggestions might be of use to anyone else who finds this thread when they're in the market for new phones themselves.

    Cheers, Moose.

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