Bravo does not recognize 3gp MP4 or WMVSupport

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  1. raysthepower

    raysthepower Active Member

    I wanted to get some video files off of my PC to my phone and the DLNA app could not find any video files at the My Video folder. I had no problems getting some songs in to my phone via DLNA but it looks like it has an issue with videos. The original format was of the video I wanted was MP4 and DLNA couldn't find it, so I changed it to WMV. It did see the WMV but I couldn't play it, so I changed it to 3pg, and H.263 (i think it's called that) and it still couldn't find it. I thought that maybe the installed media player could not recognize it, so I installed media players like QQPlayer but it still didn't make a difference. What could my phone be missing?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. raysthepower

    raysthepower Active Member

    You know something? I already figured out how to do this. It's like a five step process but it works. If your curious how I did it, just leave a reply.

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