Breaking into the smartphone world: HTC One V or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

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    Sep 12, 2012
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    My 2-year flip-phone contract with AT&T has come to an end and I'm finally considering my first smartphone. I would prefer a no-contract phone, and have come down to two main considerations:

    First, is the HTC One V through Virgin Mobile. This month RadioShack has them for $149, and the VM plan of $45 (unlimited text, data up to 2 gigs or so before throttling, 1200 minutes) would fit my needs.

    Second, is Google's Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $349. I am thinking to use the Straight Talk service for this option, as they have a decent deal of $45 for unlimited text, data up to 2 gigs or so before throttling, unlimited minutes.

    I live in Columbus, OH. So far my AT&T service is 'ok', so Straight Talk (using AT&T and T-Mobile) would be fine. I don't know how Sprint's connection is here but I assume Virgin Mobile wouldn't be significantly worse.

    The reason I am considering the Nexus over the One V is that the One V is tied to Virgin Mobile. I think this means it is more difficult to resell the One V in this case (although I don't really plan to change phones for a while). The other reason is that the Nexus seems to have significantly better specs with a dual-core processor, better resolution, etc along with jellybean thrown in.

    Which phone would be the better option at this time? I don't plan to play many games, mostly using it for quick web browsing/gps. I'm hoping to keep the phone for a while too, seems like the Nexus would be worth the investment. Or are there other phones/plans that could be potentially better suited for my case? Thanks!

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    Mar 27, 2011
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    If you can afford the Galaxy Nexus, then definitely get it. If you are considering spending $350, then I would suggest getting the HTC One X.

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