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  1. Bwangster12

    Bwangster12 Well-Known Member

    So, it sounds like most of my concerns have been covered... able to download Google Navigation, add Google Voice Search button to home screen, trash Bing widget...

    But my questions are in regards to the text entry boxes and the browser. In the browser where you go to type the URL, there is a MIC button, right? If I press that, what voice search does it use? Does the stock browser use Bing Voice Search? Would I need a different browser to be able to utilize Google Voice Search within my browser?

    Same with sending text messages, emails... anywhere there is a text entry box. Do these boxes that pop up the keyboard and present you with a MIC button use Bing Voice or Google Voice to enter the text?

  2. Jedii

    Jedii Well-Known Member

    I believe that would revert to your stock Bing voice search.
  3. Bwangster12

    Bwangster12 Well-Known Member

    Isn't that a major buzzkill? I mean Bing's search and especially the Bing Voice Search are not as good as Google right? While I can fix the soft search key, I presume just download a different web browser and use that, won't voice in text messages or any other text entry box still go through Bing?

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