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Calendar/Contact Sync w/o having all of my 411 hosted on the web??

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  1. Bublestuff

    Bublestuff New Member

    Hi All!

    I just got myself a HTC Droid Eris (yes I know it is an older model, but it was all I could afford right now). I am desperately searching for a way to sync my Outlook calendar and contacts (notes and tasks would be nice, but lets not push it) from my desktop to my Eris. :eek:

    I am very uncomfortable using the google platform to host all of my personal information because it resides on the web; unless I am mistaken about this fact. :cool:

    I would love a Palm Desktop-esque app or program. At least it was a self contained feature that remained on my personal desktop and was not floating around in cyberspace. Any ideas? :confused:

    * Currently I am using my iPod touch for all of my calendars and contacts because it syncs flawlessly with my Outlook; but I didn't pay for smart phone technology to dial phone numbers alone. :mad:

    *frustrated sigh and head shake*

    Thanks for any suggestions all - I really appreciate it!! :)

    ~ Kimmy

    PS - Not sure what software version my Eris came with because I am not certain how to look for it on my phone. But I don't even know if that would matter in relation to my question.

  2. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member

    I would suggest looking on the HTC site for the correct version of HTC Sync for your phone. It (HTC Sync) isn't very good, but it might be worth a try.
  3. Bublestuff

    Bublestuff New Member

    I didn't even know there was such a thing. Thanks! It is worth looking into it I guess. :)

    Hey, has anyone had any personal experience using "The Missing Sync" from Mark/Space?? It sounds like it is the best solution for syncing everything to your Android phone, but it is so expensive. I can't just throw away that kind of money, so I was hoping to find a couple of people who have used it before I invest. Anyone?
  4. indianajonze

    indianajonze Well-Known Member

    if you're very uncomfortable using the google platform, why on earth would you buy a google phone? the entire phone lives and breathes google. just saying...
  5. Bublestuff

    Bublestuff New Member

    I hear ya - but they are the only alternative for the iPhone that Verizon is offering. :(

    I had a Palm Centro and wanted to upgrade to the Palm Pre, which is as close to an iPhone/Droid option they are offering; but Palm still has not offered a driver for a Windows 64 bit system. That means the only way to sync with your comp is over Bluetooth. I have done it for over a year and it is nothing but headaches. (I don't want to waste time here going into all the issues, but it just ridiculous in today's age and with all the competition that Palm just basically gave up.)

    So, aside from the sync issues, I *love* my Droid Eris (even if it is a retired model). I know I am not alone with the Sync issues. It seems like technology is always on the cutting edge but somehow waiting for itself to catch up. The HTC Sync suggestion has been my best option yet and I am thankful to the poster! Just wondering if there is an even better option out there that I just don't know about.

    Did that answer your question? LOL!! :)

  6. Crumm

    Crumm Well-Known Member

    I tried using it for three months and finally gave up. Has to be the worst software I have ever dealt with. Freezes, crashes, lost information and nothing but pure frustration. Once in a while I would get it working halfway and then they would do a update and change everything. Save your money as it is a total junk.
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  7. Bublestuff

    Bublestuff New Member

    Huh! Really?? Ok thank you so much! I am sorry that you wasted your money and had that frustration, but I really appreciate you sharing the experience. I think I will steer clear then. :rolleyes:
  8. Crumm

    Crumm Well-Known Member

    Good idea.

    I am now using Google for my contacts and doubletwist for my music and podcasts.

    It is not actually your information it is all your friends information as they are the contacts you have stored on the web. lol

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