Calendar sync: Works automatic from Droid to Google, only manual from Google to DroidSupport

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    Droid X. OS 2.1.

    Had the Droid X for 2 weeks. Worked perfectly at first. Changes on Google Calendar would automatically sync to phone calendar, and vice versa.

    Then, a failed attempt to use Sync for Google Apps created a mess with Outlook that trashed my Google Calendar with thousands of duplicate events. I discontinued Sync for Apps. Not knowing how else to empty the Google Calendar, I deleted it, synced using CompanionLink, and had a clean calendar both on Outlook and Google Calendar.

    But then Android stopped updating itself automatically when I add/delete/modify entries in Google Calendar. It only syncs when I do a manual sync in the Droid (Settings | Accounts | <chose the Google Account> | Sync now).

    The reverse works perfectly: add/delete/modify an event on Droid and Google Calendar updates instantly.


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