Calls don't disconnect when calling a landline using Gear.

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  1. BigMac

    BigMac New Member

    When making a phone call using my Galaxy Gear I cannot disconnect the call without using my Galaxy Note 3. Calls to mobile numbers disconnect automatically but if I place a call to a landline number and the other end hangs up the call is not dropped. There is nothing on my Gear that will allow me to cancel the call and I have to resort to using the phone to cancel the call. It kind of makes the Gear pointless if I'm still forced to use the phone to end calls. Anybody got any help or advice they can offer me.

  2. DCLocal

    DCLocal Active Member

    I just tried leaving myself a voice mail at work and was able to disconnect without any issue. I did however have to press the button on the Gear to wake the screen and then I just hit the big red hang-up button.
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  3. BigMac

    BigMac New Member

    Thank you so much for getting back to me I really do appreciate you taking the time.

    The problem I have is that after making a call using the Gear the screen goes off and when it comes back on it has returned to the clock even if I am still in the process of continuing a call. When the other end hangs up I still only have the clock. I don't have any big red hangup button to press. I'm beginning to wonder if the item is faulty or possibly needs an update although one has already been installed. My current software version is V700XXAMII if my eyes are not deceiving me.

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