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  1. marko5x

    marko5x New Member

    i recently upgraded my frimware 2.1 to, when i wanna take a picture almost everytime it crashes and then says camera failed...what might be the problem?

  2. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming your camera APK is faulty. I would try installing a different camera software.
  3. marko5x

    marko5x New Member

    ill try...ty
  4. Scooterza

    Scooterza New Member

    You should also look at deleting the images/videos off your memory card/internal memory. I had a problem with my camera and this seemed to fix it.
  5. Salakala

    Salakala Member

    The camera bug is well known and as I understand is caused by the "sensor aidding" function under the network location finder. When yo take a picture you see a moving sattelite icon on screen. Thats the phone is trying to add geolocation to your pics and fails for some reason. Try to get a gps fix and see if the camera is ok then. The solution for me was to turn off "use wireless networks" under Settings/Location and security. Most custom roms fix this issue.
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  6. I too have been having problems with the camera failing after updating to FroYo (via Kies). I've found using Camera360 works okay and doesn't crash. I will try both of the above tips using the normal camera app and report back. Roger that, over and out etc etc.
  7. mohitguitar

    mohitguitar New Member

    Thanks much Salakala!
    Trick worked for me.

    Thanks alot. :)

  8. The 'sensor aiding' thing didn't do anything for me, but deleting my camera photos (well, moving them to my computer) has fixed this problem. I just moved the DCIM folder and now everything's fine.
  9. rdvarma

    rdvarma New Member

    had same screen will flash continuously and will show a message "Camera Failed!"......well, I unmounted my external SD card and it solved the problem :)
  10. arnold22

    arnold22 Well-Known Member

    This has happened to me on a few occasion since updating to Froyo.
  11. Following my previous post, it happened again! Hopefully it was a one-off. I've turned off the review (of the photo after taking it) and it hasn't happened since. Touch wood. It also means I can take photos quicker. God knows if it makes any difference whatsoever.
  12. paul a

    paul a New Member

    i,m hoping someone can help, i,v had my 15800 for quite a few months and love it !! untill now all of a sudden when i try to take some pictures the message camera failed appeares, no settings or anything has changed and my memory card has loads of space left, i hope some one can help me please, many thanks paul a, i,v also noticed that my camera is using 91% of the battery even tho its not on !!! i,v tried all above solutions but to no avail, hoping someone can help, many thanks paul a
  13. Dene74

    Dene74 New Member

    Hi Guys

    I had this from the day I bought the phone.. I found out today that is a common error and I found out that - in my case - it was caused by the fact that Adobe Flash was not updated - once I went to the market and clicked on my "to be updated" apps - then it worked fine

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