Can Android Market Work on Wifi Exclusively?

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    My sim card has been blocked on the ATT side from using data (company pays for our wireless on the condition that data is blocked). That said, I have been unable to use Android Market at all because of it. At least, that's what I think the problem is. I know my sim is not data provisioned but shouldn't Android Market work over wifi exclusively?

  2. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

    Yes, it works. I only use Wi-Fi to acces Android Market.
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    But has your sim been locked from using any data at all? I don't mean like pay per use only but actually call up ATT or T-mobile to have them completely block all data and GPRS/3G? That's kind of my difference here. Most people I have asked all have it working because they still have data provisioning enabled on their sims. Mine has actually been blocked entirely.

    If you actually have data provisioning blocked, then I guess I would have to try some of the options people have listed which is to do a hard reset of the device and enter google login info on initial boot (a lot of people report not being able to do this properly if they skip it at the initial boot screen). I have a lot of apps already installed and have customized this device quite a bit. I would like to avoid a hard reboot where possible.

  4. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem as you had, and it's true that a hard reset can make your phone work with market (i had to do it myself). But the sad thing was that i had to customize it again :( . It would be easy if you have the apps on your PC and install them fast using data cable. Before that (the reset i mean), i recomand to have a WiFI spot available so you can connect to the internet to go more faster with the config. of the phone. I know you probably don't know if it's worth the effort, but, I'm thinking that you can do a good job now and later you won't have any more problems. Cheers
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    oooh man... so would using my standard google accounts work? I currently have a google voice account only. I do not have it setup for gmail or anything else. Would it suffice to use that to run the market?
  6. dark1ro

    dark1ro Well-Known Member

    I know that you need Gmail. But give it a try with that.
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    Just a google account should be enough. Try to turn off the Mobile Networks to completely switch off the service provider's data plan and then connect to a WiFi access point and try to open the Market. I do not think that a hard reset is required.

    Long press the End button and select Mobile Network so that it reads "Connect To Internet OFF"
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    Ah man, yeah. I tried exactly that, even tried removing the sim and using wifi only. Still a no go. I actually found that SDK emulator really interesting. I was able to find some cool apps but actually did not find the exact program I was looking for. Yesterday, I was actually under the impression I needed a phone with 3G so I ordered a prepaid data card for 6 bucks from ATT hoping that would be enough - lol. I think I have to just wait for a full day off, backup my apps, and just do a hard reset.

    But at the same time, my only concern is how do I get the phone to be even connected to wifi before I get to that sign in screen when I boot up from a hard reset? From what I have read, most people have been unable to get it working unless they are able to sign in from that initial boot, which would of course mean being connected to the internet somehow ...

    unless I use that prepaid sim with data and do a hard reset and boot from that. Blah... confusing.

    By chance, can anyone just look up the app for me on android market? We are using a Q-See DVR system at work and I desperately need SuperCam, which is the only app I know of that is compatible with our system. SuperCam is free, so would anyone mind just PM'ing me with the APK?
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    I got it working. What many of us seem to be missing is after setting up the APN, you have to restart the phone at least once so the sim is properly provisioned for data access. These are the correct settings for AT&T (gophone or postpaid):

    Name: AT&T
    APN: wap.cingular
    proxy: none
    port: none
    password: CINGULAR1 (case sensitive)
    Server: none
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410
    APN Type: none

    In addition, YES, a hard reset is necessary - the Tattoo only likes to take your google account information on that initial boot. I had to reset twice because the first time around, I skipped the account setup and could not get it working even with the 3G mobile network enabled. During the initial boot, I did not have time to setup the wifi so cannot confirm if you need to use the data line portion of your sim to initiate contact Android market to get your google account setup.

    After getting things setup the first time around, it works flawlessly on wifi with my blocked GPRS sim card.

    $10 for the sim + 1MB of data to get my access to android market - man. Anyway, if anyone can confirm that the hard reset trick with mobile network off and wifi will still allow you to setup your google account for android market, that would be great!
  10. PhilMcK

    PhilMcK New Member

    Just tried and it didn't work. I disabled data connection as soon as it booted and it then connected to wi-fi successfully but still got the same error when I tried to setup my gmail account.

    I'm in the same situation as you. Work sim, no data capability. Thanks for your tip though, will have to borrow my wife's sim to get it working and then swap back to mine.
  11. PhilMcK

    PhilMcK New Member

    Scratch that.

    The answer to the title of this thread is 'Yes it can'. I found the problem I had was due to the network at my office. I got home and everything worked fine without any need for a factory reset etc. using wi-fi only. Perhaps that feature has been fixed in newer versions of the phone?
  12. Burillo

    Burillo New Member

    The problem you are having here is indeed the network-related. I have a similar situation at my unversity, but since i study these things i can give you the answer.

    It's the firewall. Your network administrator chose to block everything but the few common TCP ports - a fairly common (and wise) security practice. Android market operates on TCP/UDP ports 5228, which are not commonly used ports, thus the downloads get blocked by the firewall (the market works fine but the apps won't download). What you can do is to ask your network administrator to open up specifically these ports to allow Android market to work.

    So no hard-reset or newer phone versions will help (unless Google decides to transfer Android market to port 80, 443 or any other commonly used port).
  13. SlowRain

    SlowRain Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to connect to Gmail and the market, but not having any success. I, too, only want to use WiFi as I'm using prepaid phone cards and don't want a data plan. I've got my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 working on my home WiFi and the SIM card has been installed into the phone, but I get this message when I try to connect to Gmail or the market:

    What do you suggest?

  14. SlowRain

    SlowRain Well-Known Member

    Okay, fixed. I didn't have the Sync feature set up correctly.
  15. iammike2

    iammike2 New Member

    i wanted to run android off wifi as well , but with an older unlocked phone say g1, or older it worth the savings...i want to edit some docs and read docs and surf the net

    thanks for all your help and info

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