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Can I change a PICTURE shortcut iconSupport

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  1. RonK99

    RonK99 Member


    I would like to change a shortcut icon I have on my homepage to a custom pictured icon....

    The shortcut actually is a shortcut to a PICTURE in my GALLERY which is of a local sports team schedule
    I would like to put the team crest for the shortcut picture instead of the generic icon that is there now that links to the picture itself

    I tried many Icon changing apps BUT when you use these apps they only change application icons or various other icons and do not seem to find my team schedule shortcut icon on my home page ....AND therefore I have not been able to change it etc....

    Is there an app or way I can change this shortcuts picture to the teams crest?

    Thanks for any help


  2. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Changing launcher will allow this,I used to do it all the time using tweety pie as my icon for Twitter! I found go launcher best for this but I'm sure people will suggest apex and nova launchers too, but I personally didn't find them as good for customisation!
  3. RonK99

    RonK99 Member

    Actually I really like how my phone is set up now "launcher Wise' all I want to do is chnage that one icon picture...everything else is great..lf I add that Go Launcher I'll be startying all over and I have it set up just like I like it right now LOL :)

    Just was wondering if there was a better app for changing icon pictures or one that'd change picture shortcut icons pictures...Don't want to changte my whole phone up

    thanks for the reply!

  4. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sorry, I'm not sure about any other options....hopefully someone else here will be able to help though! :)
  5. RonK99

    RonK99 Member

    No problem... I hope there is somebody who knows of an APP that will do this or maybe one of the smart people on this forum will write one that does :)

    There are some cool apps now that will change icons out to whatever you like...an app just needs written that would search out ALL the icons on your phone so you could switch any one you want...AS I have written in the inital question the great apps that change the icons picture out I have seen so far only "find" half the icons on the phone :)

    Thanks for your reply though!

  6. WalkaboutDavid

    WalkaboutDavid Well-Known Member

    I used to use an app called folder organizer. It would let you assign an icon of your own choosing to a folder.

    I stopped using it because it was a tad clunky and that functionality is built in to most third party launchers.

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