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  1. slymike123

    slymike123 Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone new member here. Have been using the forum and has been very helpful. When I post a question I can not see a reply unless I go back to the beginning of the thread and then back to the post. Is there anyway I can see the reply while staying on the the page. Thanks.

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Hello slymike123!
    In order to see a reply, you can just refresh the page or hit the F5 button. That will refresh the page:)
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  3. slymike123

    slymike123 Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much it was a real pain going back and forth.
  4. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    No problem!
    Glad I could help:)
  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Hey there and welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Glad Mike was able to assist you and get your problem fixed up.

    If we can assist you with anything, don't hesitate to ask. :)


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