can we play divx videos on webplayer?Support

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  1. mr.glaxyS

    mr.glaxyS Well-Known Member

    any 1 can confirm this i tryed watch divx file from internet seems not work anyone no how u can watch divx files straight from the net like youtube is this even possible??? it galaxyS btw thanks god speed

  2. goyal.sanchit

    goyal.sanchit Well-Known Member

    Youtube has flash files instead of Divx as far as I know. And NO you cant watch Flash in browser currently with Android 2.1.

    But the Android 2.2 update has started and you would be getting that soon. With that you can watch flash directly in browser and thus access youtube to watch videos.
  3. hollowen

    hollowen New Member

    You know nothing about what the question is.

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