Cannot send MMS messages since custom rom install

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    Jun 27, 2010
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    Got a Samsung Galaxy S2 and been using the ressurection remix ICS rom for some time but found my only annoying gripe was I wasn't able to send MMS.

    I am on 02 UK.

    I have now upgraded to resurrection 2.0 to see if it made any difference and it hasn't worked.

    I am on Android version 4.04. The baseband is I9100XXLPR and the kernel is Siyah v3.2.6+ which is on the resurrection rom anyway.

    I found some setting on 02 which showed how to configure setting for MMS on galaxy S2 but still have found it doesnt work.
    Samsung Galaxy S II settings - Mobile guide - Mobiles & Tariffs - O2

    I have also phoned 02 Customer support and they couldnt help and tried to send some settings over the network but still didnt work. I think receiving MMS is no issue.

    Is this because I am running another ROM and kernel? I have looked on the forums and some people can get it working but I am having no such luck.

    Is anyone able to help?


  2. lunatic59

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    Jun 12, 2010
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    *moved to Samsung Galaxy S2 (International) > Galaxy S2 (International) - All Things Root*

    Since your issue is directly related to a custom rom, it's best to ask the rooters and rommers in this forum. They'll have an answer for you.

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