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  1. becbo24

    becbo24 New Member

    Does anyone know why I cannot send pictures. Everytime I try keeps saying mms error 225 . Insufficient funds , permanent service denied

  2. Trancenstuff

    Trancenstuff Active Member

    are you using a third party app like chomp sms?
  3. becbo24

    becbo24 New Member

    not that i know of
  4. stingrays

    stingrays Well-Known Member

    You will need to call boost. When sending a pic your phone links with their servers. Sounds like its not routing the message. Also make sure your data usage is on and wifi is off when sending. Could also be your phone not automatically connecting to your data.
  5. Trancenstuff

    Trancenstuff Active Member

    that is true too, because i ended up out of my normal service area not to long mobile data went down for some of it and i could not send or recieve pics...but other things were acting wonky too. yesterday i was playing with some battery saving options and killed my mobile data , and the same thing was happening, I ended up having to add a mobile data toggle to my power controls to get it back, so i could easily turn my mobile back on.

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