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  1. andy517

    andy517 Member

    Hello everyone, I really need a help here.

    I was on a MIUI GB ROM and bought a wifi router Tplink WR74ON. After a few days I could not access,, and YT behaved strangely. But I could access czech domains and "", which leads to, so no help. Oh and the Play store had no connection. works until I perform a search... then No connection !instantly again.Yahoo and a lot of smaller sites work. I tried stock browser and Opera mobile.

    So I flashed MIUI Scotland 4.0.4 and after a few hours the problem is here again. Restart of anything does not help, on notebook there is no problem and the router is set out of the box, no special settings of any kind. It pings with no problem. And I can access google.via IP address.

    If anyone has any idea.... thank you.

  2. andy517

    andy517 Member

    Huh solved... apparently there was a DNS problem, I had to bypass the router and set public DNS.

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