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Can't Download file from gmail

  1. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    Emailed myself an excel file. I have already installed Shead Spreet Pro (excel editor). After I opened up the email in gmail, I previewed the excel file (wouldn't/couldn't use Shead Spreet) but could not download it to the phone.

    The more I use this phone the more I feel helpless using gmail.

    You can't search all gmail accounts at once...etc...etc.

    You have to so many gmail limitation, I can't believe how much better
    my Blackberry took care of gmail.

  2. bthoward

    bthoward Well-Known Member

    yea but BB was a piece of crap if you were using a google apps account.
  3. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    Obviously you never used a blackberry. Blackberry users don't even install google apps, cuz they don't need too.

    I have played with the droid for over 20 hours since I had it and I know for a fact that as of now, blackberry's OS or what ever you want to call it is way more powerful with handling emails and more user friendly than android/motorola droid.

    Isn't that the point for "smartphones".

    I am baffled that this is a google phone and it can't do 10% what you can do with a competitor.

    I feel like I have a $300 phone that looks pretty with a bunch of widgets that tells me the weather, how much a stick of deodorant costs (barcode scanner), can look at webpages also pretty, but hey, I need to download and edit an excel file..ohhhh...ahhh asking for too much, need to search my emails/gmails....ooohhhh asking for too much, have a simple home screen that keeps me up to date with emails, calendar and phone log...ohhh asking too much again. Glad I have a 600mhz processor.

    Comon guys, am I the only one that was drooling to get this phone and I might have to go back to a $50 blackberry curve.
  4. bthoward

    bthoward Well-Known Member

    Trust me I've used a BB. I've got one on the desk right next to me. There is a google enhanced plugin that RIM just released and it doesn't work properly for non @gmail accounts. in other words google apps for your domain accounts. The problem is that when deleting emails on the BB they don't delete in the account on a GAFYD account when using the gmail ehanced plugin that RIM just put out. So you have to use their IMAP support. It works but it doesn't support threaded message reading, flagging messages as spam, staring them, labels aren't supported. I've been using a Blackberry Storm with 2 google accounts and an exchange account synced via BIS and BES (depending on my mood to see how things worked) for the last year. So yes I'm very familiar with the differences. I've had the Droid since 10 minutes after the VZW store opened on the 6th. You're starting to sound like a troll that works for RIM cause the email experience that RIM provides has been falling behind and its quite sad. Not to mention the piece of JUNK that RIM tries to call a browser. The only thing that made things usable was Opera 5 Beta.
  5. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    Actually I can't stand blackberry phones. Trust me I am not a troll or have anything to do with RIM. I own a chain of restaurants and I can't function daily without emails, and I ONLY have and use gmail accounts.

    The reason why I wanted a droid so bad is that was so tired of using a curve with its tiny little screen, tired of tour because it had so many bugs, and you can't even type properly on the storm. So I couldn't wait for the droid.

    I think the droid is absolutely gorgeous, I can type on it super fast, excel..word...webpages look as good like I am infront of a tiny laptop.

    But when it comes down to communication with others via email the droid stops.

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