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  1. Ventada

    Ventada Well-Known Member

    I receive text messages and it gives me an option to download them, but when I do they do not download and it gives me an error. Sometimes I can receive picture messages and other times I cannot. I haven't figured out what causes it yet. Anyone have a solution for this? I also can't even forward the message to another number or email the message to view on a computer.

    Anyone have solutions?

  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog Moderator

    What kind of signal are you getting? Are you using Stock messaging? try Go SMS a much better messenger IMO.
  3. Turbo3zDriver

    Turbo3zDriver Active Member

    when i had that same problem (not rooted, stock messaging app) i just cleared the cache and data. even tho the prompt when clearing data will tell you you'll lose everything, all my messages were there and i only had to reset the ringtone i use but it solved both mine and my husbands problem - hope this helps you too!
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