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  1. whitegecko01

    whitegecko01 New Member

    Hello All, I just got my gs2 about a week ago and I downloaded some music files (mp3) onto the USB storage in a music folder I created using a USB cable. Only problem is that when I go into the stock Music app, I can't see any of the files in my library or anywhere else. I can see and play the music through to included file explorer, but I can't create playlists.

    I tryed searching this on the forum but I am a noob with forums and android. Please help!

    Solved!: I moved my music folder from sdcard/usbstorage/music to sdcard/music and it worked perfect. Now all my music apps can see my music. Also, my system storage and my USB storage did not change after the move. I was worried that my music would take up the space where the apps are stored but it did not.

    Thank you all for the help.

  2. terranova

    terranova New Member

    I used kies air and it worked perfectly fine for me.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Where exactly did you put the files? If you put them in a folder called 'music' Android will scan specifically for media. While it should scan all folders for media, it may be that some folders are blocked from media scans (look for a file called .nomedia in the folder)
  4. whitegecko01

    whitegecko01 New Member

    I put the music in /sdcard/usbstorage/Music. I looked and there is no .nomedia file anywhere. I have restartes the phone and it does a media scan but it never finds anything. Is there a way to point the media scan to a specific location?
  5. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    Not really. Android will scan everything in /sdcard and all folders looking for media. any file or folder that starts with a period is hidden so you may have to set your file browser to display hidden files to find a .nomedia file. Also, you have to make sure that the files are named using the proper media extensions (like track1.mp3 or track2.m4a)
  6. whitegecko01

    whitegecko01 New Member

    So I went into the file explorer and I made hidden files visable and I do not see anything that starts with a "."
    So since android can't find my files during the media scan, does that mean that I am stuck?
  7. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

  8. whitegecko01

    whitegecko01 New Member

    I downloaded winamp and the same thing happened. I restarted the phone. It ran media scan and found nothing. I can not see my music through winamp either.
  9. Mission62

    Mission62 New Member

    The battery went dead so I plugged it in and when I came back a number of apps had auto updated, including TuneWiki my normal media player. It could find no songs on the SD card.

    I rebooted the phone even taking the battery out.
    Browsed the SD card both on phone and using my PC though USB. Music folder exists and all appear okay. When launched though the phones file explorer they do play though TuneWiki and other apps.

    But still, the default Google Music Player and TuneWiki report not music on the SD card.

    I've copied off all the music, deleted the Music directory on the SD card and then reuploaded it to the card. Still a no go.

    Weirdness. I guess Android needs to incorporate the Windows Restore Points. LOL

    NOTE: Have been using Cyanogenmod 7 for some time now. No issues. Though I do see there is an update. May try that first.

  10. engDroid

    engDroid New Member

    Have you tried looking in the root of your sdcard? /sdcard for .nomedia

    If it is there just delete it, this file prevents the apps from scanning the subfolders of the sdcard too.

    It happened to me today (on CM7.2) and this worked.
  11. BernardRother

    BernardRother New Member

    I just had the same thing ..... music folder gone awol. I just ticked "allow USB debugging" from the Settings menu and the default player found the music immediately.
  12. antonays

    antonays New Member

    I am having the same problem everytime i try to load or sync my music library to my android phone.
    although i may have found a possible solution.
    I use winamp to manage my library and to sync my phone, also i have the winamp app for android installed. I also use playlists (which is important because the android app doesn't seem to handle playlist very well).
    Everytime i update my phone library i have to erase the existing music files on the phone and copy them all over again. The auto-sync option of pc winamp makes a terrible mess of my library on the phone.

    When re-copying my library, i stumbled into another problem, the phone tends to freeze after i transfer a certain amount of songs using winamp, so my solution to that is to transfer small batches of <40 songs everytime, so to transfer a playlist of 400 songs i have to transfer 10 batches of 40 songs. a hassle, i know, but this is the only solution that works for me.
    At the final step, after i'm done transferring, i have to clear cache and data in the android app, and reload the app's library, this takes some time, ~10 minutes. I was really frustrated that the app can't find the songs i transferred, but then i realized i had to let it do it's magic for some minutes.

    This is a very inefficient an time consuming, but this is the only setup that really works for my needs, i tried Apollo, Google Music, DoubleTwist and the Samsung stock app, except for Doubletwist, neither of them works.
    As for Doubletwist, i didn't like it because the sound quality of the android app is really bad, and because their PC app is a Resource hogging and Intrusive program (kinda like itunes) that leaves a lot of clutter.

    Hope that solution helps anyone.

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