can't log on to tvg horse racingSupport

  1. bighop

    bighop New Member

    When I try to log on to the tvg horse racing site on my galaxy 10.1 model gt-p5210 wi-fi,it logs on and then immediately says your session has been terminated or has become inactive. Please log in again. In the beginning I could log on with no problem then one day it just started. I've tried clearing the memory and cache but the same thing I've called tvg and they have no solution. I've done factory reset. Does anyone have any idea or suggestions. Thanks big hope

  2. argedion

    argedion The TechnoFrog VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums we are glad you are here.

    If you have no other connection issues at any other place then I would have to say this is a problem with TVG. Even though you have contacted them and they don't seem to have a solution it still seems to be a problem on their end.
  3. DonB

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    Moved your thread to the Note 10.1 section ;)

    Have you tried different browser, I just checked the TVG site from my Note 10.1 ( Mine is a N8013) and I am able to login with no issues, I have done so with a few different browser, Firefox, Chrome, Boat browser etc....
  4. bighop

    bighop New Member

    Thank guys its working now, maybe coming to this site made tvg get it right knowing that you guys were on the case, it started early this morning.
    thank for the help

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