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Can't Make Up my Mind #1General

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  1. Kairosgrammy

    Kairosgrammy Well-Known Member

    Wish they'd quit coming out with new phones. It makes the decision process sooooo hard. At any rate, I am currently the unproud owner of an HTC Inspire. Loved it when I first got it but now, almost 2 years later, it is draggy (I develop a new gray hair or two every time I open an app), battery life isn't there and I just need a new phone. I'm not a heavy phone user and to be honest, I probably use my phone more as a pda then a phone. I'm kind of paranoid about battery life. I was hit by a tornado a few years ago and as crappy as the phone I had was, it had great battery life! I now live in the awareness that my smartphone could be my only contact with the world outside (since I was trapped in the house). I'm not a rooter/unrooter/hacker. The most I do is install a new os over a current os (i.e. I have go launcher on my inspire cause sense ain't all that much fun :)) I'm also a grammy and the ole eyes aren't all the good so a nice size screen would be a good thing.
    So all that being said, I am trying to decide between the original Galaxy Note (love the idea of huge screen and S pen), the new galaxy note 2 (isn't newer always better?) Samsung Galaxy S 3 or the HTC One X. I really, deep down would like the Note 2 but it is so expensive. I could get the original note but I'm worried that with smartphones/updates, new OSs etc. the original galaxy note won't make it til I'm due for another upgrade. The reviews on the S3 are excellent and the screen, though not as big as the note, is a pretty good size and perhaps bigger than my inspire. I guess I really need to compare. I've used HTC so am pretty familiar with the OS and so the learning curve might not be so large but to be honest, I'm tired of htc and I really like the home buttons. [​IMG]

  2. Howard Hopkinson

    Howard Hopkinson Well-Known Member

    As the Note 2 is an issue for you price wise, then it makes perfect sense to me that you should go for the Galaxy Note.

    The device is due to updated to Jellybean(Android.4.1.1) in Q4 of this year. The screen is just superb and your eyesight would definitely benefit from it's larger dimensions.
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  3. Jetmerritt

    Jetmerritt Well-Known Member

    I love my note for ease of use and reading. Regarding new phones. it's a sad scene right now. Whatever you buy will be outdated in as early as 6 months.

    That said, the Nexus line is always updated first and you don't have to wait for carrier updates like with my Note. You get them right from google as soon as they come out.

    Trick is to find something you like, play with it in a store and make sure you like it and pull the trigger and enjoy it - oh, and try to not to look at what comes out next week, month, and year.

    As for your concern with battery life...

    The Note is terrible, a battery munching monster. BUT! you can buy extra batteries and a wall charger and even change them yourself. I'd like to see an iphone owner do that!
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  4. Kairosgrammy

    Kairosgrammy Well-Known Member

    As much as I would have probably liked the Note 2, price was just more than I wanted to spend. I ended up going to a store and I played with the original note and the galaxy 3 and decided that I would probably still have to pop on the reading glasses for the note :eek: anyway despite the bigger screen and my hands weren't really big enough to type well. I really liked the Galaxy 3 and it has such rave reviews I went ahead and got it yesterday. Guess what I've been doing for the last 24 hours :D

    LOL, it really is taking some getting used to since my inspire had gingerbread and sense and actually, I was using go launcher with it.

    You are right about phones. Shoot on Android Central, they were talking about the Galaxy 4 :rolleyes:. It was a rumor but really, I imagine after Christmas, the Galaxy 4 will be announced. That's fine, I will have to make do with the 3 and it's great so making do should be great ;)

  5. rcheung28

    rcheung28 Well-Known Member

    Congratulations on your purchase! Hope you're enjoying your S3! It's definitely a good phone!
    I was going to get a S3 after my first Note got stolen, but I ended up with another Note because I just love the big screen.

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