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  1. Proper158

    Proper158 Well-Known Member

    I am currently using the voice recognition feature built into the samsung swype keyboard. my current issues are that not all my sentences capitalize on the first letter of the first word for each sentence. this is currently an example since I am using my voice to dictate this message.

    how do you make each sentence capitalize? I find this really annoying when I'm using mind manager on my android and I'm trying to capitalize each word.


  2. simagic

    simagic Well-Known Member

  3. Proper158

    Proper158 Well-Known Member

    . Thanks for your response. . As you can see it capitalizes but I get a period in the beginning of the sentence.

    I have all the settings changed as you had mentioned.
  4. Proper158

    Proper158 Well-Known Member

    I also tried using the default Samsung keyboard and it doesn't capitalize either.
  5. simagic

    simagic Well-Known Member

    ahh, it's just a little dot but you get the cap as desired. I guess it's the price to pay for the cap. By the way, you can say the word "comma" and question mark" as well. .See ya

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