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  1. G-droid

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    My HTC Incredible connected to car charger shuts down every time when I am using navigation. It will work for couple of hours, but then the battery drains and it stopped working. it seems to me the problem is that it will not charge fast enough. If the navigation is turned off it seems to be ok. But in navigation it uses more energy in navigation than getting it from the charger.

    Any idea how to fix it?

  2. 3waygeek

    3waygeek Well-Known Member

    Your charger probably doesn't put out enough current to compensate for the current being used by the device. You'll need a charger capable of putting out at least 1000mA (1A).

    If it's a USB charger (i.e. the charger has a USB socket on it and you use a separate USB cable to connect to your phone), make sure that the resistance across the charger's pins 2 & 3 (the two inside pins on the USB socket) is 200 ohms or less; many phones use that low resistance to tell if it's connected to a high-current charger, and will thus draw more current. If the resistance across USB pins 2 & 3 is too high, the phone will think it's being charged from a computer's USB port, and thus will restrict its current draw to 500 mA, which is all a standard USB port will provide.
  3. G-droid

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    Thanks! that is probably true, I have USB car charger, but have no way to measure resistance.

    Do you think the regular (non USB) car charger is any better?

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