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  1. all yeah boy

    all yeah boy New Member

    I am looking for a car maintenance app that can track several cars. Would be awsome if it had routine main. along with keeping track of big repairs and costs associated with them.

    Anyone found something like this, or I may try my own hand at creating one!

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  2. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Well-Known Member

  3. JDuc

    JDuc Well-Known Member

    I was going to suggest aCar as well. Seems to be very well written and the developer is very interested in suggestions!
  4. all yeah boy

    all yeah boy New Member

    I checked out the acar website. It does seem like everything I would include! Thank you for the suggestion. I did a search in the market place under productivity for car maintenance and nothing came up.

    maybe a suggestion to the developer.

    Thank you everyone!
  5. daleoffret

    daleoffret Member

    I recommend aCar myself as well. Very comprehensive.
  6. Armond

    Armond Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately one can not list tags for his applications to help the visibility and searchability. Android Market application does the search among the application description and promo text.

    Reading this thread, I just fine-tuned aCar description to explicitly include car, maintenance and fill up words. In a couple of minutes, when Google updates its cache, you can search for car maintenance and aCar will be shown :)

    Thanks for bringing this up to my attention. Sometimes I get busy so much in technical details that I forget to fine tune such things ;-)
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